New Content Abound

I'm cooking up plans to start writing some new types of content for the site. They will include editorial as well as tutorial articles. I'm excited about the possibility of expanding to these new topics, as it will make this site much more useful and interesting to many different types of people.

I have already listed out over 65 tutorial topics I'd like to cover eventually, with categories in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Web Design, CSS, ASP, Javascript, and Photography. There will, of course, be individual and combined RSS feeds for all topics.

I'm also excited to announce that nearly all the text content on the site has been converted to a generic content management format. This may sound boring at first, but it means I can update any of the text on any page on this site from anywhere in the world (using my usual management interface, not FTP). It also means that any Discovery results will now also include text from all pages instead of only those from News, Photos, and Music.

I expect to have the new content started and online in a month or so, so come back soon!

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