I'm a Daddy!

Late last year Heather and I decided it was time to start trying for a baby. A month later, what do you know, she was pregnant. Hah! Crazy...

So today, we went for our first OB appointment. Our doctor says everything looks to be the picture of normal and going swimmingly.

Also got to see the ultrasound today which was awesome. It actually moved around while we were watching! Its mind-boggling to think that we created this tiny baby and in just over two months (the time it takes a small- to medium-sized web site to be built) it has a brain, muscles, a heartbeat, and can move around! That's a hell of an accomplishment. Thanks Heather!

Oh, and for those curious, the doctor decided to measure the length of the baby... any guesses? Yep, 28mm.

Here are the ultrasound pics...

I made this!

Heather is cooking us a kid!

This one shows the outline of the amniotic sac. Wahoo ;)

Thanks for being my baby daddy lol
1/10/2008 9:35:10 PM
wow i had a dream last night that i visited you guys and you were celebrating being a baby daddy
1/11/2008 12:08:12 PM
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! The miracle of life in the process! It resembles a beautiful baby boy.
1/11/2008 1:31:51 PM
wow i had a dream last night that i visited you guys and you were making a baby. haha JK!
1/11/2008 8:43:37 PM
Heh I had a dream last night I was making a baby too. I have that dream a lot. heh.......
1/11/2008 9:03:03 PM
WOW! I had a dream last night that really artistic babies from super-consciousness were landing all over the planet to join us all in this fantastic co-creation of JOY that we're all FINALLY starting to experience!!! And then I followed your link to this site (and have suggested that Michael read it ALL, too!) and theres one of 'dose babies!!!! GREAT site, your an inspiration... gosh any more inspiration and I am gonna explode...:o)
1/12/2008 12:01:03 PM
AWEEEE!!!!!!!!! I love looking at ultrasound pictures...it always amazes me. I'm so happy for you guys! P.S. Its SO gonna be a boy. I know these things.;)
1/12/2008 2:45:30 PM
Congratulations ! to all 3 of you ! This baby is coming to live it's own dreams and I appreciate the reminder ! Well done you ! Love Michael and AnnMarie
1/14/2008 7:03:35 PM
congrats! wow, i was just talking to barb the other day about getting in touch with you again, and then this. awesome regardless. learn that baby good!!
1/14/2008 7:48:45 PM
Congratulations. Apparently, I have been out of touch. Have you guys thought of any names for the parasite?
1/22/2008 6:50:40 PM
i had a dream where your baby kind of resembled a potato.... this is spam even though i checked the box | | V ha i fooled you
1/25/2008 12:06:59 AM
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