Well I finally upgraded my studio desktop to Vista. It's four years old (built it in 2003, P4 2.4GHz, 1G RAM), and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it's handling this fancy new OS.

The whole thing starts up faster, programs launch faster, things just seem to run smoother. My video card, an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, easily handles the Aero Glass interface.

Wireless card woes

The snag I ran into was concerning the net card. I had a Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI net card (no version number stamped on the card, which means version 1.0) and man did it not want to work in Vista.

After a day of fiddling around with drivers from every corner of the planet and several hundred Google searches about compatibility and solutions, I finally just switched it out with the card from the gaming box (an Edimax EW-7128G) and it picked up a driver off Windows Update immediately (having installed a driver for the on-board wired NIC earlier and strung a cable across the room).

My advice... don't try to get a Linksys WMP54G (version 1) to work with Vista.

Anyway, aside from that, things have gone pretty well. I ended up having to delete my C: volume and rearrange my data on my three hard drives in order to make sure there was enough room for everything. I had an old-school partition of 20gb for XP, and it was nearing 15GB of stuff. Not pretty, but it's a clean installation, and I much prefer starting from scratch when appropriate.

Profile locations

Something else interesting regarding cleanliness and such... profiles. Microsoft has changed where user files are stored again, now in C:\Users\-username-\. Of course, that's not where I want them.

A lot of people are moving to multiple hard drives these days. I've had more than one since sometime around 2000. Now I have three Seagates: a 120, 160, and 300. Together, they provide an OS drive (the 120), a Data drive (the 160) and a Backup drive (the 300).

A few registry changes, and all new profiles get created on my X drive (data drive) instead of in C. Just search your registry for "ProfileList"; you'll find it.

The road goes ever on...

No more 'randomly not launching .exe's for no reason', no more Winamp crashes, no more licensing issues. Yeah... I actually bought this OS... I feel so grown up.

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