A Thursday Afternoon

Heather, Spoof, and I went to Raleigh last weekend to walk around and see some more of the city. It was a nice time. We loaded back up into the bright blue Civic and headed over to Garner next, where we explored neighborhoods there too. We're trying to research areas in which me might like to live next year.

Heather and Spoof in front of the giant acorn at Moore Square. Can't tell they're related.

Law and Justice. A big building in Raleigh. You guess what it's for.

Tomorrow I'll have two more new pics up... I have them processed and waiting! Oh boy, planning ahead

holy poop is spoofs hair long and doesnt spoof looks like .... i dono a creeper
9/14/2007 12:02:29 PM
Yes, his hair is long now... and yes, he looks like he's from the alternate universe!
9/18/2007 7:48:01 PM
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