Storyteller for sale online

It's been a few years since anyone has been able to get their hands on a crisp copy of any of my CDs, and since CDs are going the way of the dinosaur, I've not really made any effort to revitalize manufacturing.

This week, however, I made the move to get Storyteller up for sale on several digital outlets, including Google Play,, and Apple iTunes!

Feel free to buy it at least three times to make sure it sticks ;-)


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Thank you!

Last week, my workmates threw me a mini-party to thank me for rebuilding the Canvas On Demand web site this year, complete with cookie cake and t-shirt! Thanks everyone! I'm happy to have had the opportunity!

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New web host

 Woo! My own virtual server... now if only I could get this site upgraded to Kentico 5.5!

Spoooooof...... spooooooooof...... SPOOOOOOOOOF......

It's OK, I'm a doctor.

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Elijah Taylor is a proud father and husband originally from Cadillac, Michigan. Here you will find information about his six CDs, fun photos he takes from time to time, news about progress on new projects, tutorials about technology and graphics software, and his life in general.

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