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All Alone

Scattered brain, the thoughts alone at night
Dealing foremost in the laser-light
Moving to the groove at night
She keeps feelin free without the right to be
In her dreams, even though she wants herself to be
Dressed to kill, She only came to get her fill

Ever since he told her he felt empty
She’s disappeared; nowhere to be found
She’s running into darkness, into nowhere
So she won’t think, but

Who will be there when she’s all alone, yeah all alone?
She’s letting go
He won’t see her when she’s all alone, no all alone
She’s moving slow
She won’t be free when she’s all alone, no all alone
She won’t leave home
How can she see if she’s all alone, all alone

Spending all her nights now, meeting strangers
They see her eyes going for the kill
Rhythm of the dance floor—never ending
She can’t stop now, but


The rain is always on her windowsill
She waits for the sun
Within her dreams she sees the day again
Walking alone
She travels to the outer reaches of her mind
Falling again
She lands in pools of tears
Straight for the edge is all she has to see
Hovering over hell, holding a string


song info

Track: 5
Length: 4:25

album info

Dissected by Elijah Taylor

Released: Friday, January 16, 2004
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 18
Buy: Out of print

Liner Notes

First, let me thank two of the most influential people for DISSECTED and myself, Heather Laughlin and Michael McNamara.  Thank you both for your love and support throughout these seventeen months of production, and beyond.

Greets to:  Mom, Don, Dad, Rach, Jim, Zach, Elliot, Penny, Sherry, Smokey, Jenna, Meredith, Melisa, Cat (wherever you are), Bodega (It was great while it lasted).

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