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Graveyard, in my face
Everyone I knew in life, in his or her place

I walk by the stones in the ground
Everyone trapped in their tombs
With their voices not making a sound
Silence drowns out the fear
Everything I knew in life is all gone
And dissolved in a tear

Then the light comes
And I see their faces again

When I show up again, will they remember the love
Or will they hate me?
When I show up again, will they remember the love
Will they reject me?

Then they look up
And they open their mouths to say:
We don’t remember the things that you say
Just go away now, just go away

Graveyard is not my place
I walk away hanging my head in utter disgrace

song info

Track: 10
Length: 3:35

album info

Dissected by Elijah Taylor

Released: Friday, January 16, 2004
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 18
Buy: Out of print

Liner Notes

First, let me thank two of the most influential people for DISSECTED and myself, Heather Laughlin and Michael McNamara.  Thank you both for your love and support throughout these seventeen months of production, and beyond.

Greets to:  Mom, Don, Dad, Rach, Jim, Zach, Elliot, Penny, Sherry, Smokey, Jenna, Meredith, Melisa, Cat (wherever you are), Bodega (It was great while it lasted).

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