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September rain is cold
the air is thin, and she is lonely
How could it be, what he told her
The words came falling from his tongue
As easy as the breeze
He had to go and find himself, and let his soul find peace
And she is cold
The rain is dripping from her hair
She looks up on her knees
From up above he watches her
And sees her green eyes freeze
In the cold September

Now he touches her with warmth
He reaches in her foggy mist and holds her again
She looks at him through her tears
She doesn’t want to let go of his love again

But then she wakes alone
The air is thin, and she is lonely
How could she see all the reasons?

She walks up to the window pane and looks out at the street
Was all of this not here before, the birds, the grass, the trees
In the cold September

All over, watching movies, laughing, crying
Eating her inside
She weeps, making dinner, washing laundry
Burning in her eyes
Screaming, running nowhere, feeling empty
Wishing for his eyes on her
Loving midnight, sinking feeling
Candles in the dark burning
Searing heartstrings
Tearing fibers
Ripping out her mind

September rain is cold
The air is thin
And she is lonely

song info

Track: 12
Length: 5:00

album info

Dissected by Elijah Taylor

Released: Friday, January 16, 2004
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 18
Buy: Out of print

Liner Notes

First, let me thank two of the most influential people for DISSECTED and myself, Heather Laughlin and Michael McNamara.  Thank you both for your love and support throughout these seventeen months of production, and beyond.

Greets to:  Mom, Don, Dad, Rach, Jim, Zach, Elliot, Penny, Sherry, Smokey, Jenna, Meredith, Melisa, Cat (wherever you are), Bodega (It was great while it lasted).

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