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Off in the distance, I see myself
trying to remember
the fog of summer
the wind in my face
with the road beneath me
but it all fades
into reality
the taste of fate
is creeping up onto me
I try to run free,
escape to eternity
the feelings are gone
but were they ever there?
it was just an echo
get me out of here

-chorus 1-
It's time to see
who I am
I thought it was over
this wasn't planned
where is that feeling
I used to have
echoes pollute my banging head

Time flies by
and leaves me with questions
why can't I look around
and take some suggestions
I feel I have gone
to the edge of reality
theres no turning back
and then it comes to me
I hear it again
like a gunshot in a movie
it echoes around
and makes me uneasy
the feelings are gone
but do I even care?
it was just an echo
now come on over here

-chorus 2-
It's time for me
to choose a plan
you thought you could hurt me
so here I am
where is that power
you said you had?
echoes destroy the walking dead

Now that I know the truth
I can get over you
you can't hold me back
thats the door and I'm walking though
Now life is my game, its my place, its my time
This town is my pain, its my home, its my dime
the places I go, I can feel now I'm fine
but there's no one to stop me from losing my mind
The feelings were wrong, you caught me in a stare
It's all just an echo, now ask me if I care

[chorus 2]

[chorus 1]

song info

Track: 15
Length: 4:40

album info

Life on Rye by Elijah Taylor

Released: Friday, August 9, 2002
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 19
Buy: Out of print

Liner Notes

Thank you: My friends and family. Without you I could not keep going. In no particular order: Mom, Don, Rachel, Jim, Elliot, Penny, Sherry, Meredith, Smokey, Melisa, Carol, Jenna, Cat, Mon, Heather, Amy, Stephanie, and Denny, Chuk, Jack, and Mojo (Bodega).  May those I may have forgotten please forgive me.

This is my third self-produced project, and I appreciate the support of everyone who has taken the time to take a second look at something that may not be traditional entertainment.

Recorded at 2312 N. Blvd (My apartment) between September, 2001, and July, 2002. I use Rhode and Shure mics, De Armond electric, Yamaha, and Alvarez acoustic guitars, Ovation bass, Yamaha keyboard, Behringer mixing console, Line6 POD direct boxes for guitar and bass, Cry Baby wah pedal.

Photography by Melisa Dettloff. I wrote, produced, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered all of these songs, created the cover/package artwork, and additional photography.

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