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Swim - Outro

My heart boils with the deep-rooted love of my life being ripped from me as I helplessly surrender my every emotion to the young slave within, driving me toward destruction as I topple over the edge of what I know... the edge of reality and life which we all endure in the endevour that we may align our soul to the perforation of chance in which we live every day on a whim of hope that someday that ray of light that once lit the night sky would return and once again light the darkness of the heart in which we put so much trust while we search for the very thing in life that cannot be saught for, the thing in life that seeks us as we endevour to discover its meaning and significance in the universe which we pride ourselves on owning.

In these thoughts lie the answer to every question asked by the imperfect and bleeding heart, the representative of our soul, in which lies the true meaning of the very questions we ask.

How can imperfection spawn such perfect love in a world that doesn't accept its true meaning to the inner soul, which we base every desicion we make about the perfect love on.

Who is to blame when the heart folds and sheds its love and replaces the memories with pain, the fondness with uneasiness, and the laughter with pure undeniable, indisputable, unarguable pain which controls the very heart it infects while oozing from the hidden crevaces in our minds and pollutes the love that once ruled us.

These things that make up the person that is made up of the surrounding love felt by its observers, who shed the light of love upon our darkened eyes that have been deprived of the very love they seek.

How can love and joy cause so much pain because the dripping emotion runs dry? How can it be understood why the forces of life act against the nature of life when the love is felt from the depths of the soul in which resides the capability to release love when it is not understood?

Who is to say when love exists that it does not bond two lovers together at the very seam of the heart and soul?

Where can this love be lost that it cannot be rekindled in the spirit and fanned by the life to exist in the heart as burning passion that tears the reals of life apart and exposes the workings that we trust not to question, yet question to trust?

song info

Track: 20
Length: 2:44

album info

Shadow Chaser by Elijah Taylor

Released: Saturday, October 27, 2001
Producers: Elijah Taylor, Jeff Matlak, & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 20
Buy: Out of print

Liner Notes

Special thanks to: (In no particular order) Michael and Jeff for making me believe I really could do this, while lending any help/equipment they could.  Meredith for being my friend through life's ups and downs (See Falling, Tree).  My family (Mom, Don, Rachel, Jim, Elliot (!), Penny, Sherry, Dad, Deb, Kim, Nathan, and Marla) for sitting through countless hours of rough mixes and concepts.  God for showing me the light in the darkest of times.  Jenna for always being her cute self even when life turns on us both.  Melisa for always being a friend and giving it to me straight.  Rusty (Smokey Vision) for being a true friend all the way since good old CHS.  Got paper? Mon (Narumol), my excellent friend from Thailand, for bugging me every day to finish this and send it to her (and for being so cute!).  All the great people down at On Cue for believing this should go forward even when little publicity meant little sales.  Good News Music for selling an unsigned artist for nothing.  All the bands that have inspired me to be such a mutt of a musician:  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Live, Soundgarden, Bodega, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Undyin.

Engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by me at my flat on Huron Place.  Tree recorded at The Hut.  Winter Rain recorded at Pentimento Sound, Cadillac, MI.  The rain for my tracks was recorded outside my apartment during a storm on April 7th, 2001 at about 4am.  Intro and Interlude recorded in my driveway during another storm on August 18, 2001 at about 11:30pm.

All songs written by me except: One and Only Someone, Written and spoken by Melisa Dettloff.  Acclimative Warmity written by Michael, Jeff, and myself.  Drums on Friday Club most excellently performed by Jeff Matlak.  Cover/Disc art by Elijah.

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