About This Site

It starts back in 1997. I was working for Tv2 at Cadillac High School, and I suggested to the then-director of the station, Marland Ream, that the station should have a web site. I still remember him actually saying "why?"

I started the station's first web site that year, along with my own site. Built in GeoCities in the simple text editor page they provided, the site didn't provide much for looks, but it did get the job done. I cringe at what I put on the web back then... but to my defense, there were not many decent sites even *online* at that point, even for bigger companies.

I put in my own little page, as the webmaster, to contain some ramblings and thoughts of mine, never realizing it would grow into what I has today.

Aceoft.com: Established 1999

I started my business then known as Aceoft, co. in 1997, and finally was able to move into the bigger world of domain ownership and real web hosting. On it, I created my own little space for my personal use, still known as "Webmaster" from the old Tv2 site. At the time, I endured ridicule from many peers, as it was not very common back circa 1998 to have your own web site with "you" as the sole subject. There was no MySpace or MSN Spaces or even MSN Messenger, it was mIRC with good old DALnet, and, for the less-skilled, ICQ. But I digress.

ElijahTaylor.com: Established 2002

When I released Shadow Chaser, I began working on a full-fledged site for my growing musical creations so there would be a reliable source of information online for those interested. We're now on version 1 of ElijahTaylor.com.

Rewrite: Life On Rye

Version 2 came about as a complete rewrite coinciding with my 2002 release of Life on Rye. The data for the site all came from separate text data files that were manipulated and uploaded using software I wrote to run on my home PC. I recreated everything in a yellowish gold style that matched the CD packaging, and for a time, it was good.

Rewrite: Dissected

Again, another CD, (Dissected), another new version of the web site. This time, however, I sat down for a week straight and created an entire database structure and management system that allowed me to update the site securely from anywhere in the world. Now we're on version 3.

Rewrite: Ten Years on the Web - v4

It had been 10 years since I first started making web sites, and I thought it only appropriate that I once again rethink, redesign, and remake the whole site from scratch, using my best skills and methods of the time.

Rewrite: Kentico

By the time I got tired of the design corner I had painted myself into with v4, ASP had been around for 12 years. That's an eternity in I.T. terms, and I knew I had to switch to .NET in order to keep up both my professional appearance as well as my skills in development.

After finding Kentico CMS for ASG's new site rebuild, I weighed my options of building a .NET site CMS framework myself and buying Kentico CMS and saving six to eight months of development. I decided it was worth it to buy the CMS and save the development time while expanding the features I'd have available (since Kentico CMS was already version 3 and has a team of people working on it, rather that something I can put together in my spare time).

I worked for a month or two to come up with what is now known as v5. I'm exicted to see how it's received; it's been quite a change!

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Major Rev.  5

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